Easy use Portable Jewelry Exhibition System

Portable Exhibition Kits
Portable Exhibition Kits

This Picture shows a 45 foot wide Portable exhibition booth with Shelves, 16 Nos. tables, 4 Pcs. Podium type cases,

Portable Backdrop with Shelves, Towers, Podiums and Portable Jewelry Display Tables

7 Pcs adjustable 10 foot tall and wide folding stands for top light and security cameras,

72″ tall folding tower

2 Pcs. 72″ folding Towers, one folding cash counter with a drawer.

45 foot backdrop is made up of 2 nos. 7.5 foot wide 3×3 Straight Magnetic Popups plus

2 nos. of 3×4 Straight Magnetic Popups with continuous central Shelf System. Shelf system has specially crafted

side light two pieces each for each shelf.

Aisshpra Jewlry Brand Brand Exhibition Cum Sale

Portable exhibition systems sold by Display Junction are easy to use with a very long usage life. Many products sold by us are still in use after almost 15 to 17 years of rigorous usage and transportation around the world.
Jewelry Exhibition kits are being used by many clients over three years and as reported, hundreds of exhibitions held in mofussil areas surrounding cities in Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh etc.

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