Folding Jewelry Glass Top Counter in New Gold, Rose Gold & Black you would Love to show off.

Display Junction is providing these counter in four colors now in #Natural Silver, #Enchanting GOLD, #Exotic ROSE GOLD & #Passionate Matte BLACK.

All these Colors are long Lasting as instead of cheaper Powder Coating More Expensive Anodizing is Preferred by us.

Tables are totally made from Aluminum Proprietary Sections and Toughened Glass.

Hinge is unique corner pin hinge which makes these tables last lifetime or more.

All tables are sold in a triple Layered Heavy duty Shoulder Bag. Visit link to check on website.

Counters sold by us have Built in Strip LED built in as per your choice, Warm White or White.

Brand used for LED is Edison which is renowned for its color stability and long life without failure.

Anodized Glossy Gold Finish
Matte Black finish

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