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Magnetic Popup designing pitfalls

Cautioned party and brought text inside
Touch n go design would have spilled text on end caps

Complete reversal of text and pictures on the #MagneticPopUp. Bad design layout.

This is what I keep warning designer of Magnetic pop ups about, client was cautioned before printing, yet they wished to go ahead.

Read this before setting out to design any close viewing hoarding sized graphic.


Clean layout with good mix of pictures and text.
Good impact design

Renting Portable Backdrops

portable Backdrop

This season is unusual as many inquiries are for renting of Magnetic Pop-ups and portable exhibition kits.

Does it make financial sense ? I personally don’t think so. But there are display material sellers who, are doing this as all is fair to them in business.

Renting is great for exhibitors and a good business for some
but in many cases cost of print media or graphic is high which makes systems
expensive. As prints increase cost of refurbishing it hardly makes sense to
rent out such systems.

Extrawide Wide Magnetic or Velcro popup Backdrops V/S conventional frames

Difficult to believe  yet amazingly true but service providers hesitate to use Magnetic popups.
Time honored way is to make a frame for back grounds which are difficult to transport compared to Magnetic popup. It invariably is very expensive and wasteful & expensive way of doing the things.
Most of the time, frame structures would be discarded just after, single use.
Where as Magnetic Popups offer re-usability as well as  portability.
Popups are broadly two types Magnetic popups & Velcro/Flex Popups.
As the name suggests Magnetic popups use magnets to hold on to the system where as Velcro popup uses, Velcro to make print adhere to system.
Magnetic Popups come in many avatars like spring popup, executive magnetic Popup, thin popup & table popups etc. Basic Systems remains same but fittings etc. Change from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Velcro is two types hook locking or plastic locks. Plastic locks could break in the long run, leaving popular useless.
Major drawback of Velcro Popup is its straight look.
Where as Magnetic systems have ability to transform in curves and can be scaled to size as single unit or with the help of connectors.
We specialize in single large units (connectionless) which are easy to deploy in short time.
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Pictures attached here are from a client who ordered 12.5 ft long Velcro Popup and one seven section Seagull shaped magnetic Popup.