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Poster Hangers

Poster Hangers sold by Display Junction are light in weight for your travel purposes yet heavy compared to similar products sold by other vendors.

This 3 x 3 meter stall uses 9 pieces if hangers for full coverage yet hardly weighs 10 kilograms.

Poster hangers are extremely easy to setup. Just use top hooks to hang on octonorm panel. Bottom bar keeps pulling the graphic down and thus keeps it straight.

Here what you see is very high quality printing provided by our in-house printing services High Resolution Ink-jet printing .

We have created these prints on matte finish satin media which doesn’t require any lamination thus preventing usual curling of the printed media.

Printing is water resistant besides being archival quality.

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Deluxe Roll up Banner Stands

Roll up  stands are retractable and very popular stands. Deluxe Roll ups are easy to use and keep graphics encased, hence no chance of damage to print display material whatsoever. Deluxe Roll up banner stands are  very durable and break resistant as their body is  made from a single aluminum cast. Side caps make Deluxe banner stands look very stylish. Deluxe roll up banner stand comes with a double padded Oxford carry bag.

Easy to carry and setup, Deluxe Roll up bannersare your ideal partners.

Luxury Roll up, Work horse of a display system

Luxury Roll up is a heavy duty and long lasting product. With Satin cloth print it is very attractive and, your product stands out for better sales.


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Deluxe Roll up with satin print

Deluxe Roll up banner stand with high quality print

Renting Portable Backdrops

portable Backdrop

This season is unusual as many inquiries are for renting of Magnetic Pop-ups and portable exhibition kits.

Does it make financial sense ? I personally don’t think so. But there are display material sellers who, are doing this as all is fair to them in business.

Renting is great for exhibitors and a good business for some
but in many cases cost of print media or graphic is high which makes systems
expensive. As prints increase cost of refurbishing it hardly makes sense to
rent out such systems.

Smart Choice is made only if your supplier is scruplous.

Most buyers would look for honesty in their supplier as far as pricing is concerned. But how can a supplier be judged by only money criteria ? Do we select a doctor just because he is cheap or expensive ? Some would look for expensive choices as that makes them feel safer. For sure cheap is not the best it just more buying power for something that would eventually fail sooner than later. It may be unreliable as well with no after sales service.

But in all this we forget about presales service, quality of display print and after sales service that should also be considered as part of costing.

Now many of you may wonder what is presales service… 

It’s most important part a buyer must look for ! 

Actually it means help in selecting right product suitable for your needs and not for your budget. It may be something costing much less than your budget or may be costing more but something that would be actually costing less with each use.

Presales would also include help in deciding not just delivery date but also delivery at least cost, and on time. As exhibitions usually last just for 2-4 days and even a day lost means lost opportunity and losing face.

I am dwelling on all this as for last 12 years I have been watching salesmen and women from few select companies selling high end products at very high or moderately high prices to secure their margins and commissions.

They often sell items totally unsuitable for the task , items that just look pretty but are not worth the price paid. Or most times installation is cumbersome and requires expertise.

While buying anything I would make sure that 

  • costing is reasonable and not necessarily cheapest. 
  • Seller has good on time delivery record.
  • Seller tries to understand my requirement and suggests products suitable for my requirement.
  • Seller gives assurance of after sales service , wherever possible. And inform upfront about non serviceability of products if any such products are sold by them.
  • Informs me about the quality of graphics and choices and cost variations applicable if any.
  • I on my part,  I would be open to suggestions from supplier as he has better understanding of the products.
  • Most products in display market are sold under generic names and may look alike but, may vary in quality as outer casing or shell is not quality but inner mechanism is.

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