Velcro Popup Table

Velcro promotion table is a Very Strong table based on  #VelcroPopup system. With strong support which fold in a compact volume for ease of setup and portability.

This Promotion Table can take weight upwards of 60+ Kg as it has a wood based Hard top as compared to Plastic Promoter

Velcro pop up promotion table Can be used as #RegistrationTable, #Promoter a  #Demonstration.

Frontage 70 cm wide 80 cm high, Two sides  35cm wide 80 high 2 pcs ,

Table top white Laminate wood 42″ x 24 “

Weight : 8 Kg.

More about Portable Promoter

Portable Velcro table


Curved Magnetic Backdrop
3×3 Magnetic Popup

Stylish , attractive, portable and reusable as shown here in this  picture.

It sets up in under 15 minutes * ( with practice)

#MagneticPopups we sell are reconfigurable.

Confused ? Yes a Curved popup can be converted to straight popup by us.

Conditions do apply as graphics or print size with is different for Straight and curved #MagneticPopups.

Similarly  some fitting  would need a switch from curved to straight or vice versa.

But we can do it at a reaction of cost compare to buying a new Magnetic popup .

Ideal time to reconfigurable would be whenever you are planning change of graphics.

As reconfiguration would require graphic or print media to be replace as well.

But in a market place where most suppliers can not even provide change of graphics, we at #Displayjunction can guarantee your investment a new please of life as and when require by you.

please have a look at our offerings.

Absolutely free Metal Brochure stand*

  • Yes Stylish |Powder coated Metal Brochure stand is absolutely free , all you have to do is fill in the following response form and place an order for least of Rs. 5,000/- anything … and get this Rs. 2,500/- worth leaflet stand absolutely at no cost to you except delivery charges.  If you collect from us even that is not charged.

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leaflet and booklet stand
Folding Metal Brochure stand











How much would you pay for a portable banner ?

Magnetic Popups
Connected Popup display stand this backdrop is for a 7 mts. X 4 mts.

Exhibition exhibition booth. Popup banners stands shown here are three main stands connected together to give a continuous Backdrop wall.

But these stands can also create three side backdrop for a 4 x 4 mts. booth or a corner unit with two Popup banners for a 3 x 4 mts. booth area.

This setup could be used over and over again in as many exhibitions as you wish. But if you use them in say 5 exhibition or more at the average market price of 3 lakhs or so , you end up paying average₹ 60,000/- per event. I firmly believe good quality digital backdrop would not be possible at that price but if used for 10 or more times this is a winner at an absolutely absurd cost of ₹ 30,000/- or less.

System is reusable indefinitely, whereas graphics could be changed every two or three years at half the cost. And lo and behold you would have a new high quality digital printed backdrop stand.

Backdrops for a 3 x 3 mts. Booth start at just ₹60,000 onwards or say $1000

Fill in the form below and on your next purchase we would throw in a metal brochure stand for free. Offer valid till stocks last.

Let us know what do you expect and at what price for your booth. Don’t forget to mention floor dimensions.

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Please don’t buy from us 

Don’t buy from us ….

Yes if you are looking for cheap products which are not up to standard , probably supplied by vendors who hardly know anything about the product. Also these people cannot support you with after sales service. Graphics they print are done using cheaper methods and of course cheap can never be best.

Reasonable prices should be your approach.

And more than price alone , ask your vendor if a particular product can be serviced by them in case of damage or breakage.

Also make an effort to learn at least about difference in various  printing methods and about printing media. Discuss with vendor and you would know that , supplier himself knows next to nothing.

Recently we had a re seller buy a Magnetic Popup from us. As usual design came in at last minute and than too there were changes. We were under pressure to deliver. As design was in CDR format we presumed it to be vector based as background had even Blue color with some pattern on it.

While printing we realized that blue was not being printed properly and there were faint lines.

Now as it was not very prominent and hardly visible from about 3 ft. Or more distance we had no option but to complete the job.

Now as the re seller himself was a printer , started chest thumping and wanted a reprint but there was no time for all that as we also had back piling of jobs.

Later when a wee bit free from pressure we started analyzing the design sent by the client and lo and behold the design was sent to us full size but actually created for solvent printing which is usually done as 1 inch equal to 12 inches scale par 300 DPI. But as we do high end ink jet printing we require 100 -150 DPI at actual size for best results. All text printed was sharp as it falls in vector category. But the background was bitmap, and it was low DPI that was creating problem.

We were not facing any problem with other vector designs when converted by us to jpg or pdf formats at 150 DPI.  And as re seller was a printer we expected him to know and warn us if there was to be any anomaly.
Than we had a customer walk in and we usually ask have they used the product and if yes why do they need to change vendor.

He told us when he asked his vendor for quote for change of prints for a Magnetic Popup bought from them. The Vendor quoted same as original system.

The reason is known to us.. The vendor in this case was as most vendors are,  didn’t have extra supply of consumable items. He was buying kits from the market and selling.
So don’t buy buy from us if you need cheap…. and do not require excellent print quality or expect a life long after sales service.

In case you wish write to us at

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By the way in the long run you would realize we indeed are cheaper to work with.

Is your exhibition stall reusable or disposable ?

Reusable and Modular Magnetic popup
Portable Magnetic backdrop
Magnetic Backdrop
Magnetic popup backdrop stall

The client gave us a brief for 12 or so exhibitions, they were going to participate in.

There was one hitch that almost all stalls booked had different floor area.

First exhibition they had stall size of 6 Mt. X 3 Mt.

So we suggested that first we start with a Modular system, based on 6 x 3 mts.

We suggested use of 1 Magnetic Pop-ups size 3 x 3 and three pieces of Magnetic pop-ups size 2 x 3.

This combination with non continuous graphics design could allow them to use this system in many combinations covering 6 x 3 mts. Max on all three sides or 3 x 4, 3 x 3 and any size up to 6 x 3 or use it as an L shape for 3 x 8 mts .

So what are you using ? A disposable fabricated stall , which eventually is to be sold as scrap. Or are you smart investor and chose a Modular system which gives you value for your money.

Incidental, these Pop up Display systems can get new look just by getting new graphics done after a 2 to 3 years use.

The systems we sell are truly Modular as at the time of graphics change we can reconfigure our system from straight to curved or vice versa at a fraction of cost compared to , price of a new system.

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Deluxe Roll up Banner Stands

Roll up  stands are retractable and very popular stands. Deluxe Roll ups are easy to use and keep graphics encased, hence no chance of damage to print display material whatsoever. Deluxe Roll up banner stands are  very durable and break resistant as their body is  made from a single aluminum cast. Side caps make Deluxe banner stands look very stylish. Deluxe roll up banner stand comes with a double padded Oxford carry bag.

Easy to carry and setup, Deluxe Roll up bannersare your ideal partners.

Modular, Portable & Durable Banner Stands for Exhibitions & Trade Shows