Chosing a vendor for Portable Display Systems

Portable System Designed for ease of installation and durabality
#3DfoldingTower a compact system fold to just 36″x48″x5″ from 78″*36″*18″

Why are our Products Superior in Quality?

Products sold by Display Junctions are much superior to

Closest competitor.

  1. Our pin hinge is encased in a nylon solid casing making it

        Everlasting, as there is no damage due to friction.

  • All our Channels are unique in design and are proprietary,

        Unlike general designs used by even some big companies.

  • We are the only supplier providing LED light strip on a special Channel, which provides bright, even and angular illumination all over the display area, making your products come alive.
  • All products sold by us are uniquely folding and highly


  • Except Economy Series all products based on screwdriver less philosophy.
  • Except Economy Series all products have High Lumen

LED Light attached, no need to remove or refix.

  • Backdrop has uniquely folding type All Aluminium shelves

Which folds with light attached to it.

  • All Items sold in safe three-layered  cloth Bag.
  • 100% Made in India Initiative