Velcro Popup Table

Velcro promotion table is a Very Strong table based on  #VelcroPopup system. With strong support which fold in a compact volume for ease of setup and portability. This Promotion Table can take weight upwards of 60+ Kg as it has a wood based Hard top as compared to Plastic Promoter Velcro pop up promotion table Can beRead More

Friendship day

​मित्रता , मित्रता और दोस्ती दिन। क्या एक दिन का ही मामला है यह ? आज के तेज गति से भागते जीवन में मातृ दिन पितृ दिन , और न जाने कितने दिन और हाल ये है कि कई दिन तो दो दो , को समर्पित हैं। क्योंकि साल में 365 दिन हैं । वोRead More

Secure Portable Table

Promotion Table Ready

This Portable is innovative in design,this is very Portable Table useful in Road Show, Events or Promotion Campaigns. This Portable Table is very easy to setup. This Promotion Table is very strong & Durable as the Top is laminated particle board. This Promotion Table is useful in displaying heavy products. This Table is also usefulRead More