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Absolutely free Metal Brochure stand*

  • Yes Stylish |Powder coated Metal Brochure stand is absolutely free , all you have to do is fill in the following response form and place an order for least of Rs. 5,000/- anything … and get this Rs. 2,500/- worth leaflet stand absolutely at no cost to you except delivery charges.  If you collect from us even that is not charged.

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leaflet and booklet stand
Folding Metal Brochure stand











Story behind first portable showcase 

Idea was somewhere in my mind as nobody had ever thought of this and I used to get enquiries for showcases. But as a business practic, I do not sell anything which is not portable. Almost all the display stands or banner stands do not require any tools to assemble or use.

Truth is ideas may lie dormant as seeds till somebody comes along and prods you to stir in action. One of old client mentioned lack of any portable product in this segment. 

As the design was already in my mind, it just required, assembly and execution and finally the product is ready for marketing.

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Plastic Promotion Table

Display Junction sells many type of Portable Promotion tables .

Most popular table and affordable portable table is made of molded plastic. This table is portable, yet a bit difficult to assemble for use. If you need stronger and easy to use Portable Table than go here Story of a client needing a Portable Promotion Table .


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Vendor vetting three things to consider

While buying anything or everything , what do we look for ?

Usually first thing is price, cheapest generally is the rule. While buying a branded product it’s okay to be looking fir cheapest as quality and other services are tied to the brand and not to the vendor. But even there at times, some warranties or services may have been curtailed so that the vendor can sell cheap.

cheap or quality
price scale

It means we should always be, vigilante not only about price but also know what all forms part of that price or what has been excluded to make product more affordable.

The scenario changes when you are buying from vendor selling unbranded products. If I was you, I would look at at least three parameters before even considering buying from the vendor.

  1. Is he genuine importer or bulk buyer or manufacturer ? If they are none of these, how are they able to sell at gravity defying prices?

  2. Is servicing part of sales? And what kind of advice they offer in product choice ? Are they keen to sell only what they wish or what you ask for ? Or they also enlighten you and make you aware of other similar products they are selling , which may be more suitable to your needs ?

  3. What in-house services they can give or are they getting everything outsourced ? Like prints which form an part of most display systems, is the vendor capable of providing superior quality printing ?

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Are You Cost conscious ? 

In my 40 plus years as a businessmen selling products and services to EVENTS industry, I have met three types of  customers.

  1. Customers who take quotation from all and sundry but their mind is made up up to buy from a company which is expensive and may be with some kind of recognised name. They are not willing to take risk with companies who could give better price and may be better service as well. Generally these people fall in officers category and it’s not their money being spent it is company money and to save their skin from unknown they would splurge and may be swayed by many external factors thrown in by bigger moneybag company.

They refuse to look at quality offered by others and I feel they are incompetent sloths. They ask stupid questions and mostly parrot whatever brainwashing has been carried on them.

  1. People who are just looking for cheapest, they are not interested in quality. May be because they care more for money or may be because they are incapable of judging quality and hate going into technicalities of the product.

They keep looking around and either get confused by pricing or get tired and settle fir the cheapest. Only later on to realize they have been conned by pricing only and never ask for if the product may be serviced or will supplier help them with new graphics. Or is there any kind of support or warranty.

  1. This class is informed type they look around and also look at price to quality benefit, they listen to you and let you explain the difference in price both sides of your pricing. They are usually worried about cost over runs yet, they look for something that is worth the money they are spending.

Don’t get taken for extra ride by salesmen promising moon. Many things do not require warranty or may be it’s not possible to give as may be product sold has no back warranty or parts are not available. At times simply it’s just not worth repairing product as it may be so cheap that it’s waste of time and efforts.

In short there is always a tug of war in decision making between quality and pricing. I go by ancient wisdom of not buying most expensive as it may be overpriced or lowest prices as quality may be compromised but I prefer middle level suppliers, who are conscious of their image and committed to quality.

Display Junction falls in the category of reasonably priced yet quality suppliers, as we treat each customer with utmost respect and believe in on time delivery…

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Renting Portable Backdrops

portable Backdrop

This season is unusual as many inquiries are for renting of Magnetic Pop-ups and portable exhibition kits.

Does it make financial sense ? I personally don’t think so. But there are display material sellers who, are doing this as all is fair to them in business.

Renting is great for exhibitors and a good business for some
but in many cases cost of print media or graphic is high which makes systems
expensive. As prints increase cost of refurbishing it hardly makes sense to
rent out such systems.