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spelling and its importance

Magnetic Popup designing pitfalls

Cautioned party and brought text inside
Touch n go design would have spilled text on end caps

Complete reversal of text and pictures on the #MagneticPopUp. Bad design layout.

This is what I keep warning designer of Magnetic pop ups about, client was cautioned before printing, yet they wished to go ahead.

Read this before setting out to design any close viewing hoarding sized graphic.


Clean layout with good mix of pictures and text.
Good impact design

Absolutely free Metal Brochure stand*

  • Yes Stylish |Powder coated Metal Brochure stand is absolutely free , all you have to do is fill in the following response form and place an order for least of Rs. 5,000/- anything … and get this Rs. 2,500/- worth leaflet stand absolutely at no cost to you except delivery charges.  If you collect from us even that is not charged.

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leaflet and booklet stand
Folding Metal Brochure stand











Luxury Roll up, Work horse of a display system

Luxury Roll up is a heavy duty and long lasting product. With Satin cloth print it is very attractive and, your product stands out for better sales.


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Alpha Outdoor double stand 

It’s a unique Outdoor Banner Stand with two tanks each with capacity to hold 22.5 liters of water to keep it stable in moderate to heavy wind conditions . It has system to accept single or double graphics. Graphic size is max 8×8 feet. It’s comparatively light and portable system.

This Outdoor Banner  has unique main pole stabilization system, not seen in other systems.

Aluminum pipes make it light weight.

It is mainly devised for outdoors and height from base is bit high so bottom part is free of visual

Capacity of each tank is 22.5 liters ie total 45 liters
Water tank for Outdoor A stand
Alpha outdoor stand height is adjustable height can be fuxed
Alpha stand height lock
Atablizes stand despite its big catchment area.
Two feet each hold 22.5 liters water
Main banner pole can be stablized using this added feature
Tensioner and stablizer for A banner stand
S hook on both ends holds graphics bar for feont and back.
S hook for holding front back graphics
Called A banner due to its unique A shape once both side graphics are attached
A banner stand double sided

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3 ways to plan exhibition banner display system

  1. Easiest and simplest way to save cost is to use cheap solvent printed flex and just stretch it across any frame. Once exhibition is over just dump it in a dust bin .

Disadvantage : Money is down the drain. Quality also shows your personality, so show yourself in poor light. May be loose eyeball and footfall of many prospective clients.

Advantage : Saved money but was it real saving ?

2 Contact a fabricator and get a stall specially designed for you. Of course it is not cheapest way as all the stuff goes to dust bin or get sold to a scrap yard for a hundred  time less what you spend.

Disadvantage: Time required as these booths take up time fabricating, which takes time. Money wasted as fabricated stalls need would require to

be scrapped after each show. Recovery of money spent is nil as also in most cases.Reuse not possible. Costly affair at most times.

Advantage: may be or may not be eye-catching.

3 Use Modular, Portable and Reusable systems with high quality printing. Cost in short-term is comparatively high.

Disadvantage: Costlier to 1st option of Flex Banner but may not be as costly as 2nd option. of Customized stall. Customization may be possible in limited way. Graphics can not be changed frequently. Storage would be till next exhibition.

Advantages: no recurring costs to build stalls, except for transportation costs to venue. Some systems will allow mix and match to create in new ways using same kits. No wastage. Staff knows what to expect and how to set up the stall.

We at Display Junction help create system for multiple used in different sized booths.

Modular kit suitable for varied size stalls
Magnetic popup backdrop Designed for mix and use for different dimensions of booths
Hangers used as display in a booth
Easy poster display system a cheaper and light weight solution for Trade shows

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Supplier is important cog in any business model.

Supplier is a necessary evil ? Or a friend ?

Depends on how you look at glass, half filled or half empty.

Without a supplier and his timely supply, any service provider or trader is bound to suffer.

Treat your supplier as a friend not evil, just like you he too is there to make some money.

Atharva veda , one of four scriptures of Vedic or  as is now known Hindu religioous thought says all worldly deeds are driven by a dynamo and that dynamo is nothing but money or Goddess Lakshmi. 

Humans are basically social and society needs grease called money to keep it’s wheels turning. It motivates humans to excel and try and innovate.

When doing aptitude class almost four decades back, one point was brought to notice of the class. Point was pre independence, most Indians strived and opted for law coursws, as medicine and teaching was considered a novel profession and one was discouraged from making undue profits from these professions.

But after independence, perceptions slowly started changing and materialism set in and Indians , wanted to be doctors as money could be made there.

Point here is unless your supplier makes some money, he won’t survive and your supply chain would suffer.

Besides there would be no motivation to innovate or improvise.

Hope you would treat supplier as a friend and not somebody who should be milked dry.

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Smart Choice is made only if your supplier is scruplous.

Most buyers would look for honesty in their supplier as far as pricing is concerned. But how can a supplier be judged by only money criteria ? Do we select a doctor just because he is cheap or expensive ? Some would look for expensive choices as that makes them feel safer. For sure cheap is not the best it just more buying power for something that would eventually fail sooner than later. It may be unreliable as well with no after sales service.

But in all this we forget about presales service, quality of display print and after sales service that should also be considered as part of costing.

Now many of you may wonder what is presales service… 

It’s most important part a buyer must look for ! 

Actually it means help in selecting right product suitable for your needs and not for your budget. It may be something costing much less than your budget or may be costing more but something that would be actually costing less with each use.

Presales would also include help in deciding not just delivery date but also delivery at least cost, and on time. As exhibitions usually last just for 2-4 days and even a day lost means lost opportunity and losing face.

I am dwelling on all this as for last 12 years I have been watching salesmen and women from few select companies selling high end products at very high or moderately high prices to secure their margins and commissions.

They often sell items totally unsuitable for the task , items that just look pretty but are not worth the price paid. Or most times installation is cumbersome and requires expertise.

While buying anything I would make sure that 

  • costing is reasonable and not necessarily cheapest. 
  • Seller has good on time delivery record.
  • Seller tries to understand my requirement and suggests products suitable for my requirement.
  • Seller gives assurance of after sales service , wherever possible. And inform upfront about non serviceability of products if any such products are sold by them.
  • Informs me about the quality of graphics and choices and cost variations applicable if any.
  • I on my part,  I would be open to suggestions from supplier as he has better understanding of the products.
  • Most products in display market are sold under generic names and may look alike but, may vary in quality as outer casing or shell is not quality but inner mechanism is.

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