Story of a client needing a Portable Promotion Table

My cell beeped and I saw a Delhi number flashing on the screen. Usually I desist from taking calls from Delhi, you may wonder why?

Oh simple reason most people from Delhi and NCR find Mumbai prices high and basically they are not very quality conscious. Another reason is they counter quote cheaper rates for same products but when we need to buy products become more expensive than  fir what they are available here in Mumbai.

Lucky for me I took that call , and gentlemen in the other end was looking for a portable table, it should be portable and must be easy to setup. I suggest that he have a look at at my web site and see Screen Promotion Table sold by us. He liked the product and after watching attached screen promotion table setup on you tube , he like the concept and the product.

Now the story starts, he asked can we make a table suitable to seat two persons ? I said yes why not ? As we also produce this product and have experience in making a Demonstration Table of 5 feet width Portable Demonstration Table .

Next they needed table to be having side flanges, or flags on the header pole. Now that was something new for us. But not to be deleted we started devising some way to securely attach 12″ x 18″ two side printed , material to the flag poles.

We talked to our fabricator and asked him to make a specialized flange with a tube that would slide on header pole and would have a plate to which print could be attached. But it’s easier said than done.

  • Pipe had to be of exact outer diameter of flag pole or it would lean on one side.
  • Some how contraption needs to be fixed at a height. Easy way would be to tap a hole in pipe and attach a thumb bolt to it but as pipe was thin it would wear off in few uses. Therefor we fixed a clip on the pole so that this won’t slide any further and both side flanges would be at same height.
  • Third problem was both side printing. How to fix the print so that plate it was fixed to it is not visible, we used two PVC free foam mounted prints and sandwiched it with strong adhesives to the plate and on print edges.


Voila client had what they needed and it was another client who is now happy to be associated with us and soon a reader also followed , which proves that the product has been a success.

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