Six ways to create portable backdrops

Curve Magnetic Popup backdrop system

Know about choices available for trade show display stand backdrops.

Portable Backdrops Kits are unique systems used in Trade Show and Exhibitions to attract attention or what is popularly 

called eyeballs.

Portable Backdrop kits are available in six or more types which we would discuss here.

Backdrops sold by Display Junction mainly consist of

  1. Magnetic Popup systems these are most popular and versatile systems used for creating portable and reusable backdrops. Usually high class print quality and clean looks make this winner and top of the line product. This product is a work horse and is known to last not just years but many of my clients have been using it for decades all together.
  2. Velcro Popup as the name suggests this is also a popup based system but it uses Velcro as fixing system by replacing Magnetic bars and Magnets cost has been reduced considerably especially if it is used with Solvent Flex Graphics. For better quality display we could also use transfer cloth graphics. Latest trend is to use pillow cover type fabric prints with Velcro Popups making them usable on front and back.
  3. Tubular Pillow Cover Backdrops are comparatively newer types of backdrop systems. These have round tubes fitted to make a desired size structure and a transfer printed fabric stitched as a pillow-cover is used to cover the structure to show resultant shape with graphics printed. It is comparatively light system but prints are never as impressive as a Magnetic popup system. 
  4. Folding Partitions are also one way of creating Backdrop that is light in weight and cost effective. Prints can be used varying from solvent vinyl to high quality ink-jet digital prints. Drawback is the look is spoilt by squares that make up this system.
  5. Adjustable Backdrop is one the most economical system used as backdrops. It is also lightest system available. Drawback is its looks are not as chick as Magnetic Popup and its shape is fixed as in flat look.
  6. Poster Hangers 
  7. Flex on wooden or Metal frame is not as cheap as it may sound least of all this is not reusable and waste of  precious. 

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