Shelf designed in a curved popup

Curved 1×3 with Shelf:
Uploaded on 3/30/2013 9:56:40 AM
Beautiful looking, Magnetic popup with top lit dual level shelf. available in straight as well as curved designs. Magnetic popups can be also be used as magnetic boards.
Its possible to provide shelf in multiple levels as well as on adjoining sides in wider popups.
We can create shelf spanning up to two sections.
In full wrap Magnetic pop up shelf will have both side visibility.
This Portable and Modular System is easy to setup and useful for
exhibitors who have to carry the backdrop often.
Magnetic Boards being reusable it is cheapest option for frequent or not so frequent
exhibitors. Change of display graphics makes it adaptable and this
system never gets obsolete.
We have clients using system without problem for a decade or more.


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