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There have been, always a conflict in decision making while buying as to get more for less or to get better quality for the right price should be our Goal but we always end up bargaining and buying cheaper product.

Mostly we tend to look for cheaper rather than quality products. At times one buys for just the looks not being aware that looks may deceive .

This fundamental war goes on and is fueled by sellers whose aim is to sell cheap products and achieve fastest turn around in inventory and sales.

For this I am focusing on two products available  in same category. Promotion table or at times simply called Promoters  these tables are sold as Plastic Promotion Tables and price can be approximately double or more for better quality Plastic Promotion Tables. Cheaper Promoters have fascia made of PVC free Foam board which would not last a few assembly and reassemblies. Better quality Plastic promoter has poly carbonate fascia which can endure more usage without giving way.

Plastic promoter

Aluminum tables offer better option. Aluminum tables are available as two products viz. Cheaper hinged aluminum tables and more expensive and longer lasting link  system table also known as screen promotion  table.

The Screen Promotion Tables are very durable besides being open to use in multiple campaigns. Screen Promotion Tables have extruded long lasting section which makes it possible to change campaign related graphics over and over again . It is also unique as at any given time two sets of graphics may be fixed for dual use.

Link hinge is practically indestructible and aluminum frame can take worst transportation or usage abuse.

Screen Promotion Table

We have endured to make our range of easy screen tables more useful by constantly innovation , for example by turning this table into secure table .

Easy Secure Promotion Table

Or this special two sitting four feet long table.

Easy Registration Table

For installation movie visit you tube link

Promotion table assembled under two minutes

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