Supplier is important cog in any business model.

Supplier is a necessary evil ? Or a friend ?

Depends on how you look at glass, half filled or half empty.

Without a supplier and his timely supply, any service provider or trader is bound to suffer.

Treat your supplier as a friend not evil, just like you he too is there to make some money.

Atharva veda , one of four scriptures of Vedic or  as is now known Hindu religioous thought says all worldly deeds are driven by a dynamo and that dynamo is nothing but money or Goddess Lakshmi. 

Humans are basically social and society needs grease called money to keep it’s wheels turning. It motivates humans to excel and try and innovate.

When doing aptitude class almost four decades back, one point was brought to notice of the class. Point was pre independence, most Indians strived and opted for law coursws, as medicine and teaching was considered a novel profession and one was discouraged from making undue profits from these professions.

But after independence, perceptions slowly started changing and materialism set in and Indians , wanted to be doctors as money could be made there.

Point here is unless your supplier makes some money, he won’t survive and your supply chain would suffer.

Besides there would be no motivation to innovate or improvise.

Hope you would treat supplier as a friend and not somebody who should be milked dry.

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