How to design a magnetic popup

Magnetic popup is one of the most convinient backdrop graphic system to carry and reuse over and over again. Despite many new systems available which are identical in usefulness yet very expensive and not as easy to use as Popups.
Magnetic popup is a collapsible frame which comes in basic three shapes ie straight, concave curve and convex curved.
Also length and height of a MAgnetic Popup may vary as per client requirement.Usual size is known as section height and section width.
section width upto 4 converts in meters or close to it therefore many people feel section width to be equal to a meter but usually  it is between 70cm to 83cm depending on manufaturer. Total height usually is around 230cm or near it.
Besides all this it also comes as different systems though basic collapsible structure and use of magnets to attach graphics to the stand remains a prequisite.
Variance is seen in locking systems as some have pull up and stand system using springs,metal hook locks or plastic male female locking systems.
Front megbars that hold the system also vary as most system use MS rods and others may use aluminium with magnets.
The popup is supplied in three ways viz a shoulder bag, Air trolley or in a Deluxe PVC moulded trolley which may double up as a Carry case cum podium with graphic attached to it.

Designing a magnetic popup is usually very challenging  for first timer designers.Many times they just provide design suitable for solvent flex printing but MAgnetic popus are printed using inkjet technology.Printing is done on high end phot realistic printers on self adhesive vinyls which are later mounted on .3-.4 thick rigid PVC and than scored or matched.

Reason is that its size is close to hoarding size, but viewing distance at most times is a close distance of around 6′ or so.
Most people forget that popup’s primary aim is to catch eyeball of people visiting trade show & exhibitions.
Not just that but once they enter the exibitors booth, it should provide information about the exibitors establishment and products or servies offered along with pictures.

Usually the top it used have establishment name on top with tag lines or punch line and its LOGO as that is most prominent area besides central part.In between body is the most important element. Never try to cram it up with too many pictures or too much text. When choosing to fill space always be more partial to pictures rather than text.

Bottom generally being less visible  has addresses, URL , email Id, phone nos. Etc.
At times just one very large picture can be very effective in attracting attention and making visitor enter the exhibit area.
But most times use pictures judiciously.Too much text is a waste as nobody has time to stand and keep reading just high light important information and dont use this as a brochure, most information shall be used inside a leaflet or brochure which a visitor can than read liesurely later on at office or home.

Another pitfall area is the end caps many designers ignore tha fact that it curves in U shape and major part is usually invisible to the visitor on both ends. So simply avoid spilling text on end caps. Most  designers use this area to give out website or just keep it plain colour to add beauty and make popups look much more solid and attractive.

See some popups executed by us by clicking on this link.

Magnetic Popup Gallery

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