Curved Popup with wrap graphics & shelf

We were approached by a client manufacturing Industrial Pumps for a set of curved 3×3 Magnetic Popup systems with shelf.

They had two special requirements. 1. Each shelf of Curved popup system should be able to hold minimum of 50 kilo weight. 2. They needed Theses curved units to have back and front graphics also called Wrap graphics in professional parlance.

We successfully executed the order and have a smiling customer yet again.

curved Magnetic popup
3×3 Curved Magnetic Popup System with wrap graphics and heavy duty shelf system

3×3 Curved Magnetic popup with shelf and full wrap graphic prints

Full wrap Back of Curved Popup
Curved Popup Backdrop system with Wrap printing and shelf. Backside view.

Specialized heavy duty curved Magnetic Popup with shelf to hold upto 50 kg heavy pumps.

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