Curved Magnetic Popup Backdrop


Full size Pop up Magnetic Curved backdrop made by us has clean cuts. It is printed on best Inkjet printers. Prints stay fresh for longer duration due to use of water based Pigment inks in liue of dye based fast fading inks. Magnetic  Popups we sell are modified system which can be connected to form corners or other shapes. Adhesives  used for Magnets is guaranteed for 3 years against falling off.
Regular popups use hangers at top but we make easy to use fittings which are standard yet can be used for multiple purposes.
We make Magnetic Popup Backdrop as wide as 6+ meters as single unit.
The lights for this setup was selected as White Light. Regular halogen lamps are warm and yellow. Thus design is done keeping in mind the colour of the light. Its LED flood which has two advantages viz Low power consumption and it can be used at any voltage between 110 to 230 Volts.
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