Cheapest Backdrop Systems

Human nature is to always look for cheapest way to do things. We always want best at the least cost, but is that possible ?

Answer is  no as producing and delivering quality products has its own costs like, besides being Costlier to produce as time required is more as well as good quality material costs more.

Most ignored aspect in any purchase is to look for quality. Quality products being expensive, sell less, hence there is further increase in cost due added establishment  costs.

We also know that all expensive products may not be quality product.

But cheap products are bound to be inferior in quality for sure.

Now on to cheaper solutions for up-to 8  feet width.

Three solutions come to notice ie Adjustable Backdrop, A stand and Roll up banner stand.

Of these Roll up banner stand is the cheapest solution.

To know more about wide body roll up click on wide size roll ups

Second in line is adjustable banner stand it uses flex, easy to change prints as well as very light in weight and easy to carry.

Click on this link Adjustable Banner Stand

Or a bit expensive but worth the money spent on it as Alpha stand has two 22 liter tanks as base which make it ideal for outdoor use. Alpha stand also allows use of both side graphics.Outdoor banner stand

All these three types of Trade show backdrops are cheap as one can use solvent flex as display graphics.

Cost would vary between  ₹ 5,500  ₹ 12,000 depending on what you buy.

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