Alpha Outdoor double stand 

It’s a unique Outdoor Banner Stand with two tanks each with capacity to hold 22.5 liters of water to keep it stable in moderate to heavy wind conditions . It has system to accept single or double graphics. Graphic size is max 8×8 feet. It’s comparatively light and portable system.

This Outdoor Banner  has unique main pole stabilization system, not seen in other systems.

Aluminum pipes make it light weight.

It is mainly devised for outdoors and height from base is bit high so bottom part is free of visual

Capacity of each tank is 22.5 liters ie total 45 liters
Water tank for Outdoor A stand
Alpha outdoor stand height is adjustable height can be fuxed
Alpha stand height lock
Atablizes stand despite its big catchment area.
Two feet each hold 22.5 liters water
Main banner pole can be stablized using this added feature
Tensioner and stablizer for A banner stand
S hook on both ends holds graphics bar for feont and back.
S hook for holding front back graphics
Called A banner due to its unique A shape once both side graphics are attached
A banner stand double sided

For more portable banner stands click on this link

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