3 ways to plan exhibition banner display system

  1. Easiest and simplest way to save cost is to use cheap solvent printed flex and just stretch it across any frame. Once exhibition is over just dump it in a dust bin .

Disadvantage : Money is down the drain. Quality also shows your personality, so show yourself in poor light. May be loose eyeball and footfall of many prospective clients.

Advantage : Saved money but was it real saving ?

2 Contact a fabricator and get a stall specially designed for you. Of course it is not cheapest way as all the stuff goes to dust bin or get sold to a scrap yard for a hundred  time less what you spend.

Disadvantage: Time required as these booths take up time fabricating, which takes time. Money wasted as fabricated stalls need would require to

be scrapped after each show. Recovery of money spent is nil as also in most cases.Reuse not possible. Costly affair at most times.

Advantage: may be or may not be eye-catching.

3 Use Modular, Portable and Reusable systems with high quality printing. Cost in short-term is comparatively high.

Disadvantage: Costlier to 1st option of Flex Banner but may not be as costly as 2nd option. of Customized stall. Customization may be possible in limited way. Graphics can not be changed frequently. Storage would be till next exhibition.

Advantages: no recurring costs to build stalls, except for transportation costs to venue. Some systems will allow mix and match to create in new ways using same kits. No wastage. Staff knows what to expect and how to set up the stall.

We at Display Junction help create system for multiple used in different sized booths.

Modular kit suitable for varied size stalls
Magnetic popup backdrop Designed for mix and use for different dimensions of booths
Hangers used as display in a booth
Easy poster display system a cheaper and light weight solution for Trade shows

For more portable products click on this link.

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