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Curved Backdrop for events and exhibitions


Curved Frame Backdrop is an excellent product for an event or an Exhibition,  if you want your display to feel special you can chose Curve Frame Backdrop. You can also give it a personalized touch by adding photos, images or graphics of your choice. Easy to assemble and light weight product for that special exhibition you are holding in foreign country. You need to make your display banner look professional and attractive.
Whether fashion show, press conferences, corporate presentation, college fair or charity show, you can select Curve Pillow Case Backdrops from . we also have multiple sizes; you can select the one that suits you the best.
If you are looking for a vibrant and sleek display in a stylish curved design, then our curve pillow case is just perfect. To make it more attractive, you need to use bright colours in your backdrop. This will make your event sparkle like Diamonds.
We, at display Junction provide economical backdrops. Our backdrops help to stretch the fabric over the frame in such a way giving it an eye catching wrinkle free look.
Curve Frame Backdrop will attract attention if used in a marketing campaign. With our aesthetically designed curved slim line would make a customer look at it. We ensure that you will not leave your event disappointed. Your Banner stand would be able to stand out in the crowd and certainly be able to grab your visitors attention.
A pillow case Print is usually used to cover the curved display frame for a clean, wrinkle free and tidy look. Besides, all these features the Curve Frame Backdrop is easy to carry anywhere from one place to another and at anytime of the day. 
The stand is manufactured in such a way that the banner can easily slide. The graphics can be replaced easily on a curved backdrop. The banner comes with a zipper along the perimeter which ensures that it fits around the stand like a pillow.
It looks like that wherever weight is a problem Curved or Straight Frame Backdrop is being selected in the place of Magnetic Popup display stands.
We, at Display Junction believe in transforming your event into an exclusive and unique occasion. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for any query right away.

Easy to assemble light weight Curved Backdrop