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Poster Hanger
Poster Hanger basic section view
Poster Hanger section with end cap
Poster Hanger section with hanger

Display Junction sells this easy to use, light weight yet durable Picture Hanger system to add special charm to your graphics. you can hang posters attached to Easy Poster Hanger in a variety of situations.

A variety of graphic media can be used between hangers for ease of showcasing.

Easy poster hanger is  very simple to use light weight system suitable as substitute to roll up banner stands. 
Easy poster hanger provides anxiety free use and prevents situation like damage of Roll up banner stands during transportation

Easy poster hanger is easy to use, just hang it on the back wall or use safety pin on cloth back drop and hang it. Roll the graphic on the bottom bar and just carry it. the roll up carry bag can easily carry 6 pieces.

Display Junction provides Poster Hanger not only  in standard size of 36" but in any customized size upto 72" as per your requirements. 


 V Hooks for ease of hanging banner

cross section of pipe


End caps to protect graphics

Poster Hanger


3 meter Back drop with Display Table

Easy Poster Hangers