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Screen Promotion Table uses a Very Sturdy Aluminum Frame support coupled with Special Hinge. It folds completely for the ease of setup and carrying. Screen Promotion Tables made by Display Junction are suitable for events, exhibitions or trade shows as this product is crafted to last a life time.

Screen Promotion Table is very strong and can easily take weight upwards of 60 Kgs or more

Screen promotion tables can be used as Registration Desk, Demonstration Table or Promotion table.

Closed and lockable Screen Promotion Table is specially designed with extra panels to be used as Secure table. It is possible to lock this table for safe keeping of material. Light weight shelf is also provided to store printer or printed matter inside Secure Promotion Table.

Frontage 70 cm wide 80 cm high, Two sides  35cm wide 80 high 2 pcs.,

Header 20 cm x 80 cm, Table top white Laminate wood 80x48 cm   Weight : 10 Kg.



secure promotion table
secure promotion table
secure promotion table with shelf
secure promotion table front and back view

Display Junction sells many types of promotion and display tables

Secure Screen Promotion Table and Demo Table