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Retractable Roll up banner stand

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Regular Roll up banner stand

Retractable Banner stand is easy to use, portable, reusable and protects Prints/ Graphics completely by enclosing print with an outer shell as print is wound and safegaurded on a spring loaded capsule.

Retractable banner stands work on spring loaded capsule, just like your retractable measuring tapes.

Regular Roll up stand is available in four  Convenient sizes, 60cmx160cm, 80x200cm,90x200cm & 120x200-235cm 120cm comes with duel poles. Extra wide Roll Up Banner Stand Also available 240cm x 200 cm roll up.

Banner stands are available with or without graphics. Graphics may be printed Non-tear Paper, Rigid PVC Media or Poly cloth. Ink-jet prints are Printed at 1200 DPI in dye ink (Six Ink) Photo-realistic or 1440/2880 out door pigment inks (archival quality 10 Ink )photographic quality printing. Solvent Flex Or Eco solvent Flex Printing also available for quantity order.

Display Junction also sells Roll up banner stands in 6.5' x 6.5' and 8 ft wide X 6.5ft ht. . Weighs approximately 8 Kgs, Comes with three poles.

Wt. : 90*200 app 2.00 Kgs. Heavy Foot 2.35 Kg. 80*200 2 Kgs. 60*160 1.6 Kgs Without graphics

3M Peel off double sided glue provides strong bond for graphics and prevents detachment and damage to prints.