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Flex promotion table

Flex  Promotion Table

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Fabric Promotion Table, Reception Table and Demo Table

Flex Popup Promotion Table

Flex popup promotion table is a Very Sturdy popup based support support which fold in a compact volume for ease of setup and portability.
Flex Promotion Table can take weight upwards of 60+ Kg as it has a wood based Hard top as compared to Plastic Promotion Tables
Flex popup promotion table Can be used as Registration Table, Promotion table or a  Demonstration Table.
Frontage 70 cm wide 80 cm high, Two sides  35cm wide 80 high 2 pcs ,
Table top white Laminate wood 32" x 16"
Weight :approximately 8 Kg. in a shoulder bag. Comes in a nylon shoulder bag.

Flex  Promotion Table

Flex  Promotion Table Front Back view