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Magnetic popup curved 4mts
Magnetic popup gull wing shape

One of the most sturdy POP in the series. Virtually a Work horse. It’s a very versatile system for Graphic Display. Can be used for product displays as well

Its made from Aluminum  Sections which makes it one of the most strong, compact and portable stand. Fully erected it  becomes 90" high and 90" wide or wider depending on number of sections added to the structure.

Available in Straight or Curved configuration. Curved display deploy as a mild curve and give added impact. Deluxe Magnetic Popups supplied by us have no hangers. Magnetic pop up system sold by us is  complete magnetic system in true meaning unlike other cheaper systems..

Standard size is 3x3 or 3x4 but other special sizes unto 3x7 can also be provided on demand.

We also make extra tall or wider sizes as per your requirements like 4x3,4x4 or even 5x2,5x3 or 5x4 in curved Magnetic popup only. Any size that you are looking for viz.10’x10’, or even 12.5’ high is possible and tallest Magnetic pop up,only supplied by us.

Three carry options  are available with portable systems sold by Display Junction viz. Deluxe wheeled case( Podium), Air trolley case, or a shoulder bag.

Curved end caps make these units look very solid and create chic impact as eye catching design part, attracting attention to itself.

unique selling point of the Magnetic Popups sold by Display Junction is that same system can be changes in a from straight to curved or vice versa ( new set of some of fittings and graphics required) 3*3 will extend to 257cm and depth 67 cm  3*4 will extend to 327 cm and depth 67 cm

Curved Magnetic Pop up

Seagull Shaped 20 ft Magnetic Pop up

Convex Curved Magnetic Pop up

S shaped Magnetic popup

Serpentine Shaped Magnetic Pop up

Curved Magnetic Pop up shapes

Curved Magnetic Pop up with shelf

Magnetic popup convex curved
curved Magnetic popup with Shelf