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Adjustable Roll up Banner stand with Telescopic pole allows height adjustment of roll up graphics.  in heavier section, Standard top bar, heavy stable foot . This stand has a very strong and thicker back pole as each part goes inside each other making bottom part to be of bigger diameter. This also allows the height of the roll up graphic to be adjusted as per requirement. Many people manipulate height of the roll up to gradually show parts of graphics giving it nick name of Three Show Roll Up 

Available in 80 x 235 cm size With graphics only.

Graphics are done on Satin Cloth with wash proof and fade proof inks, Graphics also available in Rigid PVC Media with matte lamination. Printed with water based pigment ink which is out door quality (archival quality ) photographic quality printing.

Adjustable Roll up Banner stand Weighs: app 2.5 Kgs. for Size 80 * 200 cm. Available with s in Oxford carry bag.

Height up to 240cm also available ask for a quote

adjustable roll detailed photo

Adjustable Pole

Adjustable Roll up banner stand

Adjustable roll up detailed view

adjustable pole